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2013-01-19 02:20:52 The Nerd is one of my earliest works; I tweaked it here and there, but made a conscious decision not to re-write it for publication on this forum, so you're gonna get a bit of a...primitive feel to it.

As to a five minute yellow rain? I could post video after video of women going for five minutes or longer; or you could go to the video forum on this website and plow through the videos there; five minutes is not even close to an exaggeration. My ex-wife could rain for five minutes, then do it again an hour later. Some women simply have a...talent...for watersports.
2013-01-20 00:31:00 Part Five is posted.
2013-01-24 11:32:21 The square root of -3 is 1.73205081 (i). I know, I know...when you multiply positive numbers by positive numbers they answer is positive, but remember, they go to a private school, with all sorts of new-agey type shit going on. I made a conscious decision to give their math program a...twist...when I was writing this section.
2013-01-25 03:03:27 Girlfriend's Sister Positive Rating. You have an excellent imagination and I enjoyed reading your story, but please spend some time learning the technical aspects of writing.
2013-01-26 00:38:36 Sorry 16:31:05, this one is straight from my sick imagination, not a bit of it was based on, or inspired by, any real people. Also, when I first wrote this story, the young lady was twelve-years-old; I like her being older in this version, it just feels better, I wish I could have made her even older, but it would have ruined her character.

Thanks for your words 21:48:46, I like to target my stories to a specific audience, and this one is a gift to the peepee lovers. It pissed me off (pun intended) when people who hate water-sports would give me a blast of shit when the story was obviously not written for them, so my only option was to put it on front street and hope for the best, because I write what I write and fuck the haters.

As for the blood thing, I did tag for virgin, and virgins bleed, so there's that, plus there is no tag option for blood when posting.

The poop thing was not sexually based, so i didn't want to get the poop people's hopes up unnecessarily with a scat