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2013-01-25 03:03:27 Girlfriend's Sister Positive Rating. You have an excellent imagination and I enjoyed reading your story, but please spend some time learning the technical aspects of writing.
2013-01-26 00:38:36 Sorry 16:31:05, this one is straight from my sick imagination, not a bit of it was based on, or inspired by, any real people. Also, when I first wrote this story, the young lady was twelve-years-old; I like her being older in this version, it just feels better, I wish I could have made her even older, but it would have ruined her character.

Thanks for your words 21:48:46, I like to target my stories to a specific audience, and this one is a gift to the peepee lovers. It pissed me off (pun intended) when people who hate water-sports would give me a blast of shit when the story was obviously not written for them, so my only option was to put it on front street and hope for the best, because I write what I write and fuck the haters.

As for the blood thing, I did tag for virgin, and virgins bleed, so there's that, plus there is no tag option for blood when posting.

The poop thing was not sexually based, so i didn't want to get the poop people's hopes up unnecessarily with a scat
2013-01-27 02:19:50 Ladies and Gents, Bone Strokers and Bean Flickers! Parts Three and Four are now up! Please feel free to make all the air-babies that you like.
2013-01-28 14:00:54 I Raped the Prettiest Girl in School Seriously? You really had nothing better to do? How fucking sad.
2013-01-30 01:19:33 Gah! Fucking homonyms...

Dill would have been a grunt on the front lines of whatever hell was going on at the time (I purposely avoided pinning down the era that the story takes place in). His personality...challenges...would have kept him as a three stripe or lower. I like to think that he would have found his way into a recon platoon.