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2013-01-27 02:19:50 Ladies and Gents, Bone Strokers and Bean Flickers! Parts Three and Four are now up! Please feel free to make all the air-babies that you like.
2013-01-28 14:00:54 I Raped the Prettiest Girl in School Seriously? You really had nothing better to do? How fucking sad.
2013-01-30 01:19:33 Gah! Fucking homonyms...

Dill would have been a grunt on the front lines of whatever hell was going on at the time (I purposely avoided pinning down the era that the story takes place in). His personality...challenges...would have kept him as a three stripe or lower. I like to think that he would have found his way into a recon platoon.
2013-01-30 23:30:38 Jack (chapter 1) A very nice story. I look forward to part two.
2013-02-02 03:25:19 Hellooooooo there! Part two is up and running (actually, its just kind of sitting there, but you know what i mean.) Click on my name at the top of the story, its a link, honest, it'll take to to my page and stuff.