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2013-02-17 22:19:41 Anonymous reader 01:15:30

I'm not sure where it reads that I should suffer fools and trolls gladly. My view is simple: if you're polite, I'll be polite back, if you're an asshole, I will treat you as such.

At no point did I threaten anyone's life, I simply pointed out that trolls tend to exist in nasty, horrible worlds, and they might be much happier if they simply chose to end it all.

As for their nasty words 'effecting' me; my world was nice before they choose to vomit their words in my direction, and it is nice now, ergo, no effect. I choose to respond to their words because being mean to someone who has done nothing except try to entertain others, should not go unanswered. They choose to shit in my soup; I choose to shit in theirs.

All that being said, thank you for saying that I am a good writer. As for improving my abilities; letting shit-heads attack me without responding will not make me better writer, but using my words to amuse myself at their expense will.
2013-02-17 22:24:51 Why the fuck does this thing keep posting my comments twice? It make me look like an asshole if I make fun of some corn-hole who waits thirty minutes before repeating himself three times and then my comments show up twice! *Auuug*

I'd rather look like an asshole, because I AM an asshole, not because the computer wants me to look like one.
2013-02-18 22:26:43 16:58:17 I'm sorry to hear that you will not be enjoying my work any longer; I wish you well in your future. I wish that my ego, a vital tool in any successful writer, were not so distasteful to you. "World class writer'" is one of those discriptives, like seeing an 'extra clean' used car, that evokes a feeling, rather than an objective string of facts. I use those words to describe myself because, under my real name, I'm a well known author; this website is a playground where I can stretch my storytelling abilities without any previous expectations by my readers. In the real world, politics forces me to...restrain myself, here, not so much.
Constructive criticism is always well received by me, 'you are da stupids' is not, and never will be. If one does not want me to slam into them at two hundred miles an hour, be nice or you will get flattened by my fat ass as I roll around hunting for jelly donunts.
Again, I wish you well in your life, sorry to see you go.
2013-02-20 19:46:34 18:45:00 I'm curious as to what exactly are you trying to accomplish here. You're not making me mad and you're not saying anything that will improve the story, so what's your goal? I've never actually slowed down long enough to discern the motivations of an internet troll before, but I'm really curious. If you don't like the FREE stories that are posted on this website, then don't read them, its that simple. Yet, here you are, saying stupid shit, its just...weird. Are you confined to a wheel chair and bitter at the hand that fate has dealt you? Are you simply too hideous to ever interact with the general population, and therefore must lash out at random people on the internet? I really, really want to know.
2013-03-05 11:45:31 Track Bus Replacement Driver A solid buildup to a potentially amazing story.