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2012-12-15 12:34:34 I find the 'unrealistic' comments to be interesting, because the Pizza Girl in the story is a real person, and the dialog was edited and given a solid stamp of approval by her before this, and the two following parts, were first published several months ago.
She seriously considered doing this very thing to me the first time that I gave her a ride home from work, but in real life, my wife didn't leave me, so she didn't.
2012-12-16 01:44:50 In my head, she was somewhere between eighteen and twenty years old.
2012-12-17 01:53:25 First commentator: Sorry that I didn't hit this story with a 'watersports' tag; but really, it was just a bit of pee, get over yourself. Unlike most of my piss stories, this time the pee was just a result of natural body function, not sexual excitement. Warm water, mixed with a loose asshole from butt-fucking equaled a bit of pissing.
2012-12-17 14:23:05 *blink*blink* Um...seriously? Its *shrugs* To each his own...
2012-12-18 20:46:51 So...the story was written specifically for those who love extreme watersports, its TAGGED with a watersports tag, and still some people hit it with a negative for having WATERSPORTS in it. In-fucking-credible.
I understood it when Pizza Girl. Part Two had the pissing surprise in it, as innocuous as it was, but seriously folks, if you open a bottle with "Pepsi" stamped on the bottle, don't be surprised if it has Pepsi in it and not Coke.
If you don't like piss games, you DEFINITELY should stay away from Part Two, its in my head and its gonna hit the web in the next day or so.
For those who love the pissing games, hang on tight, its gonna get wet in here.