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2012-12-25 18:23:18 Cindy's Little Bump 2 I've had these two chapters hidden away for nearly a year, and thought they'd make a decent intro. I'm working through chapter 3 as we speak. Hope you enjoy! :)
2012-12-26 21:07:57 Stacy's Dream For the 19:59:40 anonymous comment: I know it wasn't a masterpiece, or isn't yet, but it was something definitely struggling to get out. Suggestions?
2012-12-29 23:48:52 Cindy's Little Bump 3 Kinda hard to write at the moment with family visiting for the holidays. Rest assured tho that mom gets to leave the picture shortly, and the title itself should be all the hint we need...
2013-02-02 13:44:36 stepfather sedution l Way too short, and needs to be sorted for tense, grammar, punctuation and the like. Nice start. Make it happen.