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2012-12-27 10:45:54 Jenny's First Night Out Thanks Anonymous as you can guess i'm a newbie. I didn't see any way of placing it into the theme area where i wanted it to be ( transsexual ) All i saw was the Genres selection as a choice. So i picked what i thought best.
If you or anyone know how to do that please let me know. Thanks for your comments. JennyCD
2013-01-04 14:00:55 Jenny's First Night Out Part Two Thank you for your support. I'm going to work on part 3 this weekend.
I hope to also start working on other stories too.
2013-01-04 20:02:19 Matthew/Maria Loved your story. The accepting dad really hit home for me too.
Please keep writing other stories.
2013-01-04 20:03:47 Matthew/Maria darn i was sure i typed in UNaccepting
my dad was totally like the dad in your story