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2014-07-10 23:11:15 Road Trip part 13 Average wait time between chapters is usually a week or so. The fifth series however will be a while, hopefully i can get done boarding it in about a month but it just depends on ideas and time to work on it. As for what happens it the next series I love to see the speculation by my readers and don't forget to message me and use names in the comments.
2014-07-29 23:33:14 Road Trip part 13 No it hasn't been a month but I'm writing if it helps any.
2014-05-05 16:19:27 Road Trip part 5 Okay readers I'll let you know that I don't put the cliff hangers on there intentionally to torture you it's just a good place to end a chapter for me. Now I am well into the 6th chapter and since I'm feeling like for you I'll consider putting it out as soon as I can. As for PuppetMaster think about this for a second: What if it's not Guy she's going to have the meltdown on?
I am hard at work writing when I'm not Working hard to keep myself in rent money and food.
2014-04-19 22:12:40 Road Trip part 2 One thing has delayed my production of this next chapter, Cast descriptions. And now that's done. Hope my readers are ready.
2014-07-23 02:28:32 Road Trip part 13 People need to start being nicer on my pages or I will reach a fugue state with them quarreling an may have to postpone my work. Just kidding, thank you for my defense Rose it is appreciated. I am continuing my work on the story, I have no ETA because i'm working on some big things. That is all I will say.