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2014-07-10 23:11:15 Road Trip part 13 Average wait time between chapters is usually a week or so. The fifth series however will be a while, hopefully i can get done boarding it in about a month but it just depends on ideas and time to work on it. As for what happens it the next series I love to see the speculation by my readers and don't forget to message me and use names in the comments.
2014-07-29 23:33:14 Road Trip part 13 No it hasn't been a month but I'm writing if it helps any.
2014-11-24 23:08:45 A New Day, A New You part 2 Well if it's too long then I apologize but my stories and chapters have grown to this point where one day in their lives of these people isn't enough for my regular readers. Sorry for you to say that I will not change, I'm not a short story writer. I have a buddy named Jannet, hello! Hey Eric, The stars at night are clear and bright.... finish that. As for my long term faithful heya Stellan and Greed, glad to see you guys still reading my works. What up -G, sorry had to say that. Anyway i'm not committing to the once a week schedule with the holidays and increased work load HOWEVER I am still writing and reading your comments so please enjoy at your leisure and tell me what you think, no major plot twists.... yet.
2014-05-05 16:19:27 Road Trip part 5 Okay readers I'll let you know that I don't put the cliff hangers on there intentionally to torture you it's just a good place to end a chapter for me. Now I am well into the 6th chapter and since I'm feeling like for you I'll consider putting it out as soon as I can. As for PuppetMaster think about this for a second: What if it's not Guy she's going to have the meltdown on?
I am hard at work writing when I'm not Working hard to keep myself in rent money and food.
2014-04-19 22:12:40 Road Trip part 2 One thing has delayed my production of this next chapter, Cast descriptions. And now that's done. Hope my readers are ready.