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2013-10-20 01:56:21 A New Day, A New Us part 5 Well after reading the comments I can read what your trying to tell me. glad for the most part you guys are enjoying it and I'm writing the next chapter now. Please enjoy the series and comment on anything you're curious about in the series i'll listen. Should be done ready to post in a few days hopefully.
2013-11-04 03:24:32 A New Day, A New Us part 6 Well aside from the guys trying to get girls to send them pics I'm glad my faithful are enjoying the chapters. I know I'm taking a little longer to put them out but i'm really going for more quality if this is the last in the series. Not saying it is but people have been asking me for another series after this and i'm not sure what that would be. Other than that there will be more of this series to come and I hope you all enjoy it.
2013-11-09 15:31:54 A New Day, A New Us part 7 First things first I do remember that I said I would try to put a chapter out once a week and I'm apologizing for that by way of better chapters. Second I need some of you to stop reading ahead (it's a joke) by telling me your requests, I have most of this planned out but some are good enough to predict the smaller pieces apparantly. And third I didn't even think I had a female reader so thank you for letting me know that my work crossed genders. And finally, No I will not kill characters just because a few readers think it would be cool, I have told you this before but apparently I need to do so publicly just to emphasize my point. Enjoy the reading, I'm still working on the next chapter.
2013-11-21 02:53:26 A New Day, A New Us part 8 So other than the people advertising for new partners I guess I did good by you all. Working on next chapter still but more importantly I'm trying to figure out if I have enough in me to do another series with this characters or if I should start a new series and come back to them later. I am going to sit back and try to work this over myself but if my loyal readers have any personal thoughts please list them with an alias on the comments here or in the next few chapters or write me directly on the site. Will try to post soon as I get it done.
2013-11-29 04:07:11 A New Day, A New Us part 9 Wow, apparently I need to come up with a 4th chapter. I will get on that after I push this current series out but I will eventually have to take a break from Guy and his family. I'm glad to see that you, my fans and readers, are enjoying this series. I don't have a timetable for when the next chapter will be out but if someone finds in PM me on here cause I'd like to know where it was ;)