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2013-08-07 03:19:01 Summer Vacation part 11 Wow, i posted this not 3 hours ago and you're already making it a point to not only down vote it 10 times but again you say that you're done with my writing but here you are, still reading it. Anyone else still surprise that I let anonymous votes happen?
2013-08-08 13:54:26 Summer Vacation part 11 Okay, first off fans thank you for your defense of me and encouragement. I do appreciate it. I know the chapter seemed rushed but it was heavily edited because it originally felt too long. Yes I used the Joker card idea cause it was a damn good idea as long as I can twist it. As for the individual who is defending his negative opinion, he's right that i did ask for people to judge it at the end and he did. What I don't understand is why they keep down voting it 10 times per day, I saw you do it immediately after the first post you did and now i have another twenty two days later and ten of them right after you posted again. I can understand voicing your opinion but you've honestly just made it a point to bash my story with votes this whole time just to make yourself feel better. I get on here and watch the posts come up the first few hours after I post just to see what my readers think, I keep checking back every day for a week just to read your thoughts.
2013-08-08 13:59:16 Summer Vacation part 11 If you wanted to really impact the story then I firmly believe that you should have just made a profile on here and contacted me directly. As other people on here will tell you I read and respond to all my mail and take named people more seriously. I'd ask you to stop spamming negative votes but you won't if you don't want to. I'd ask you to create a profile and engage me directly and that's your choice. I say this now to my faithful readers, the story will continue and please stop bashing each other on here with insults and comments about other people you don't know. Still have no name and will take serious thought to the next series for a title.
2013-08-13 02:54:17 Summer Vacation part 11 Well i'm still working on the next series but it's still not even close to being ready for a final draft of the first chapter. I read your posts here and the person who did the two 'amber' alerts for stalker bitch had me laughing hard. To the guy who wrote about the middle of realness and fantasy I'm glad you like it, if it were too real the story would have been over by chapter three of the first series. Anyway i'm still working and don't have a title for the new series yet. Any personal thoughts on the series, characters, or just in general my anonymous fans want to ask I'm on often enough to answer.
2013-08-25 00:25:48 Summer Vacation part 11 So i'm going to assume that people are not interested in the fact that i'll be dropping the first part to the third series in a few days? Just kidding, this is your P.S.A. that it will be out soon.