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2013-07-16 04:10:00 Summer Vacation part 8 I would ask the person who logs into the site at midnight just to spam the negative vote why he wants me to take away the anonymous vote from everyone else? You have done this with every chapter and while i tried to be fair you have decided to try to ruin the joy I get from writing these stories. So now I challenge you to actually tell everyone why you feel the need to do this, If i don't have a PM with a name by the time i post the next chapter Anonymous comments will be allowed but all anonymous voting will be off.
2013-07-16 14:16:03 Summer Vacation part 8 Thanks guys, I really shouldn't message people on here when I'm tired. I'm still working and this series will be completed before i start another one. What in particular is bringing people back is my question, and who are you liking in the story?
2013-07-19 23:33:22 Summer Vacation part 9 Probably won't be putting out the next part quite as quickly but it is a work in progress, I've been repeatidly asked to continue the series into a part 3 and part 4. While I scrapped my original ideas due to initial rating slams I am working over ideas for a part 3. Sadly I must complete second chapter first. So to the troll who bombed my good feeling for the day by bombing the ratings, YOU HAVE NOT RUINED THIS FOR EVERYONE! I will keep writing and you will keep being a sad little troll, no name, no face and no spine. Part 10 and 11 to come soon as I can everyone.
2014-11-14 04:54:32 A Family At Odds Chapter 5 Well personally I see what he's doing, mostly because I've done it myself in my works and I'm simply waiting for the hook to come back around. Just remember to bring the hook back around.
2013-07-31 13:48:29 Summer Vacation part 10 Okay, so I'm working on the last chapter of Summer Vacation and figured I'd respond to some of the comments. To 2013-07-28 03:01:18 poster there won't be a part 13 since that series ended at part 12, Summer Vacation is the second series with the characters. To 2013-07-28 21:08:25 poster I like this idea and it's a possibility if I can figure out how to do it properly. To 2013-07-27 18:20:54 poster it takes a lot to put out 10k to 12k words per chapter in a few days with work but I will try. To Darthel thank you for your critiquing and praise in equal measure. I have a plot for a third story and possibly the last one for Guy. I'm not going into details yet but I'll try to give you all a hint like suggested. Thank you for reading and posting.