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2014-06-28 04:02:04 Road Trip part 11 I haven't decided on a return to the series in as much as doing a few new series and maybe a cameo or two from this one. Who wouldn't want Guy to walk into their shit and dispense some justice on their world to their benefit? That's a casual idea mind you, don't read too much into it.
2014-03-14 14:24:10 A New Day, A New Us part 11 Well I'm not saying goodbye to my readers but I am working on the start of the next series, I've been relaxing while I work for a change and also dealing with some technical problems that have been recently repaired. I know that can sound like a cop out but what would suck more, me putting out a few chapters then nothing for a month or more or me waiting to put them when my computer is repaired. First chapter is still being worked on but when I post it'll be under the title Road Trip. Sorry this is taking so long and hope you are still checking for my works.
2014-06-03 03:54:31 Road Trip part 9 YES!!! It works. I missed my readers.
2014-03-27 03:55:25 Road Trip part 1 I'm glad to see that in less than a day I can get over 5k views from my devoted fans and hopefully some new ones. I'm taking my time on the chapters within reason unlike last series at the beginning. I hope you hang around for this one cause it'll be a little bit different.
2014-03-31 07:58:51 Road Trip part 1 So I have heard my reader's praise and seen the problems with voting and with some help figured something out. The system is now one vote only from what I can tell, even anonymous. So I think that is what I'm really excited about is a straight voting system. Now if people want they know they can talk to me on here via profile messaging and if you have any questions then just hit me up and I'll try not to give the story away.