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2014-06-03 03:54:31 Road Trip part 9 YES!!! It works. I missed my readers.
2014-03-27 03:55:25 Road Trip part 1 I'm glad to see that in less than a day I can get over 5k views from my devoted fans and hopefully some new ones. I'm taking my time on the chapters within reason unlike last series at the beginning. I hope you hang around for this one cause it'll be a little bit different.
2014-03-31 07:58:51 Road Trip part 1 So I have heard my reader's praise and seen the problems with voting and with some help figured something out. The system is now one vote only from what I can tell, even anonymous. So I think that is what I'm really excited about is a straight voting system. Now if people want they know they can talk to me on here via profile messaging and if you have any questions then just hit me up and I'll try not to give the story away.
2014-07-24 15:52:14 Road Trip part 13 I wish i had a title yet. first couple sounded so bad I decided to focus on the storyboarding.
2014-06-14 17:36:06 Road Trip part 10 Okay i will say this, sometimes when you are awake for over 18 hours from working and doing household stuff and you decide to edit and post a story you really miss somethings. I sadly see them after i publish and don't go back because i'm too busy trying to not get behind on the next chapter.