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2014-08-10 21:11:39 Path to Our Future part 1 Wow, no trust for Lajita? And some relationships need work before they are fine tuned enough that these things don't happen. Consider that while things are good they can always be better and not everyone can step up and seize the opportunity every time.
2014-08-07 23:19:41 Path to Our Future part 1 My faithful readers it's good to be back, Stellanmage and Ghost it's good to see you on here posting for me with names. PF your conspiracies are good like always and fun to read. I'm working on chapter two and hope to get one out at about the same pace as the Road Trip series but don't hold me to that.
2014-08-16 04:42:03 Path to Our Future part 1 Still nothing on Friday, will try again and again till it posts. Working on chapter 3 while the site gets its shit together.
2014-04-26 06:46:50 Road Trip part 3 Not to say that a female reader isn't important but I have some questions of a content nature and if you have a profile it would be a professional help if you could.
2014-08-19 22:58:40 Path to Our Future part 2 Chapter three is coming along just fine. Will be posted sooner and hopefully the first time. Are Guy and his women really okay? We'll see in the future. I am glad my readers are as devoted as i've been seeing on the site. Will post as soon as chapter 3 is done.