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2014-07-30 16:11:26 Road Trip part 13 It cost time to write but the site does not charge us to write or to post. I think that the 3 and 20 you mentioned are the amount of stories some people have. That would be the writer and what ideas they've written to share or just someone who got their work down on print and didn't feel the need to continue writing. I however have many tales, tales of love and betrayal, medival fantasy and futuristic wonder. I even have a few that are not sweet and very dark. I plan to share every single one with my faithful. But, I will finish out all six of Guy's series first.
2014-09-13 01:37:42 Path to Our Future part 5 WOW, i'm doing final edits after my paying job and i decide to read the comments, lets start at the beginning for me. PSYKO since you capped your name ha ha, More questions to be answered in coming chapters but I will answer questions and give people an ending. S. Sharma thank you for reading and it's nice to know i have some international readers, I read JAshley13 as well and do like the series he put out. Personally i'm glad you enjoy my work and i'm trying to post friday night.

One thing I'd like to stress to my readers is that putting a chapter out one every week is not easy. I do a lot of storyboarding for the series but some scenes take time and editing is a pain in the ass. I do however appreciate the patience you all show me and if it takes longer i have to speed up the next chapter or two to get back on track. Will post tonight with luck.
2014-10-31 03:37:06 Path to Our Future part 9 Okay I have the title for Series Six, it isn't even really done for chapter one yet but I will give you the title. A New Day, A New You. That is the title for the next series folks.
2014-09-21 20:41:31 Path to Our Future part 7 Well it's time for me to chime in again. G, there is the sixth series but there will be no college series, for me there comes a time where you need to stop fucking with people, not characters, people and these are people I created. I'm not saying Guy get's a happy ending but he deserves rest. I took no lessons from Mangus but I do know what is worse than a cliffhanger, it's a cliffhanger and they never finish the story. TheSparkMaster you have acutally hit on a point for me, SPINOFFS!!! I have actually been looking at a few stories involving one or two lesser seen and very small side characters in the Guy Universe, should i call it that? Hey jelad, glad to see you reading my work and happy to see someone turning people onto my work. As for Guy being a baby or going over the top with anger he's stressed and emotional sometimes, look at the bullshit he goes through. Progress for next chapter is slow but i'm still hoping to get it out Friday.
2014-07-27 00:40:16 Road Trip part 13 yeah well i'm not mad about the title, it just helps me push the important work along and it's a good title.