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2014-06-24 08:13:00 Road Trip part 11 I know it feels like a dick move to end the chapter like that but it's more for setting up the next chapter then torturing my readers. I'm on track to get things done in a timely fashion and will be ending this series in 1 to 3 chapters.
2014-07-06 02:27:30 Road Trip part 12 Well i'm looking at ending the Road Trip series with the next chapter. I will also be getting my feet under me for starting up the 5th series. I am hard at work to put out a quality story with quality scenes of all kinds in the 5th series but it is a bit off. Keep the thoughts coming as I am not stopping the Guy series just yet. :)
2014-04-30 07:33:53 Road Trip part 4 I will be taking a vacation for a few days and won't be able to work on the story HOWEVER since my fans are so devoted to the new series I wll put out the next chapter either Friday or Monday. Keep the comments and PM's coming.
2014-08-13 02:36:13 Path to Our Future part 1 Well I'm almost done with Chapter 2, bad days at work hinder writing. Should post in a day or two, no later than Friday.
2014-04-13 07:59:40 Road Trip part 2 Attention my faithful readers: I was asked in a piece of mail on here if I could give a full run down of descriptions for the main cast in the story so that they could get a better reference of what all the characters look like. Now while I can do it for one person I'm asking my fans if they would like me to run down the list in the beginning of the third chapter. I will do so if my readers request it by the time I get chapter 3 done (which has already been started writing). Go ahead and let me know.