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2014-04-13 07:59:40 Road Trip part 2 Attention my faithful readers: I was asked in a piece of mail on here if I could give a full run down of descriptions for the main cast in the story so that they could get a better reference of what all the characters look like. Now while I can do it for one person I'm asking my fans if they would like me to run down the list in the beginning of the third chapter. I will do so if my readers request it by the time I get chapter 3 done (which has already been started writing). Go ahead and let me know.
2014-10-12 21:25:20 Path to Our Future part 8 Part Nine, last chapter of this series posting today, Sunday.
2014-08-21 00:49:12 Path to Our Future part 2 When I say it I'm being sarcastic, but I love how you all jumped on the good feels bandwagon in the comments. I think the person was trying to talk me out of doing something without knowing whether or not I was actually doing it. I'm down to the 'am I sure about this' for the next chapter, no ominous intent it's just the editing.
2014-08-20 08:03:39 Path to Our Future part 2 So according to a reader I'm predictable. I'm going to kill off important people and turn Guy into a sullen and brooding asshole. I'm going to alienate my readers in the process and pretty much make sure that everyone avoids my work in the future. Here's my question to my readers since this was put in front of me. Does what waits in the dark for Guy and his crew frighten you? Does it make you worried about the next chapter even though you're in desperate to see what happens next? Calm down and just enjoy the work I put out, no decision by me is made in haste when it comes to these characters. IF and this is my IF, I decide to 'end' a character or a relationship I will have labored over it immensly and spoken on the topic to a few people who understand my work, you know who you are. Enjoy the chapter and 3 will be out soon.
2014-09-18 07:30:29 The Ten of Them. Chapter 30 Did someone call for me?