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2012-12-29 20:00:19 A new day, a new me Thanks for the advice so far, sadly something was wrong with my original P.O.I. profile and I had to create a new one just to respond on here. There are more stories, i'm just waiting to see if the new 'me' is allowed to stay on here so i can post more chapters.
2014-04-12 20:12:50 Road Trip part 2 I wish you two had profiles. Would love to speak with you and get some in depth feedback.
2014-06-09 07:40:59 Road Trip part 9 I try to post when it's finished but technical difficulties have delayed my timetable on this chapter. I apologize readers but know that I post my work as quickly as it's written and proofed.
2013-03-03 05:38:34 A new day, a new me part 6 I've been really busy with my work this past month and celebrated a birthday, it is in progress right now. I'm not done with the series by a longshot thanks to a good friend and some ideas.
2013-04-04 13:20:14 A new day, a new me part 10 Still working on part 11, trying to make it longer. I'm not done with this series either so don't worry it is on it's way.