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2013-09-06 15:15:11 A New Day, A New Us part 2 Wow, tab click one thing while loading a text in and all of a sudden you light up the message boards. Hey readers it's me, whether you want to believe it or not the removal of anonymous votes in this chapter was an accident. I have been over the troll for a while now and honestly had not intention of removing the anonymous votes. Sadly I also can't change it now that it's down, I will double check all future chapters to make sure I don't click the wrong button. You will be able to up and down vote my work in less than a week when I post part 3. To the Anonymous unable to get his account information: It's people like you who prompted me to find out that the Admin aren't able to help out like one would think, a reason why I'd kept anonymous votes up so long was for you as a loyal reader and I apologize to all of you for my technical error. I frankly don't care about the votes anymore I am more interested in reading the comments that people have.
2013-09-06 15:20:41 A New Day, A New Us part 2 And as for the Anonymous reader who decided to post the pure hatred about my accident: I ask you to make a profile if possible and message me on there. I am looking for a person to edit my stories and if you are in state then we can work on something. If not and this message finds you in the foul mood that you had when you chose to insult me with some slightly creative metaphors then I will look elsewhere and no harm no foul. Please continue to enjoy readers next chapter up in less than a week unless I get it done sooner or I repost chapter 2 with anonymous votes.
2013-09-08 05:18:57 A New Day, A New Us part 2 Well thank you for the apology and if you ever decide to contact me privately so we can discuss why my story seemed to rub you the wrong way. Anyone on here who has any problems with my writing I will listen to a PM or any form of constructive criticism about my story content.
2013-09-10 05:49:53 A New Day, A New Us part 2 Will release next chapter in 2 days. Anyone interested :)
2013-09-16 02:30:25 A New Day, A New Us part 3 Well I have a lot of positive comments which is what I am looking for when I pop in to check what people are thinking about my work. There will be a bit of a change coming in the story soon so I'm giving you all a warning things are not going to be good for your favorite rag tag team of awesome. Part 4 will be dropping in a few days if not sooner.