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2013-06-21 13:57:30 Summer Vacation part 3 Okay, I can literally taste venom. I can see where some of you are ticked off at the choice and had that been the whole story I'd probably be pissed off too. However for a while now I have genuinely offered people to PM me with ideas and story write ins and only 1 person has done so. I'm sorry if you don't like where it going but part 3 was mostly written when this started in part 2. I hope some of you keep reading and enjoy.
2013-06-23 14:05:27 Summer Vacation part 4 Okay, I can see what your saying about the grammar. I didn't reread the last 2 and just used the program for spelling and grammar check. it failed bad.
2013-07-06 04:40:32 Summer Vacation part 6 I am typing this while taking a short break from Part 7. Person who said to be true to my work I say thank you. To the person with the three points I am sorry you don't see the story the way I'm writing it but I can at least say that I'm not done and if you don't like it once it's all finished then I don't know what to tell you. As for the Spanish I'm sorry, I got carried away with a exes advice, I apologise and will translate for anyone who puts in a PM. This last part was 15k words as opposed to a old chapter of 5k words, know that I am actively working on them and am profreading more than i have in the past. Please enjoy at your own pace.
2013-07-12 03:02:46 Summer Vacation part 7 Wow, only out 2 days and more people will positive comments. Yes I'm still working and yes I do read everything you guys comment. Everything from 'jealous tossers' which made me laugh to theories on what's you think is going to happen. I'm not going to give it away but I will say that you all have kept me from quitting this and posting it elsewhere. Also, due to fan thoughts there will possibly be a small side bit for another character in the story and a third and potentially final chapter to Guy's story.
2013-07-16 04:10:00 Summer Vacation part 8 I would ask the person who logs into the site at midnight just to spam the negative vote why he wants me to take away the anonymous vote from everyone else? You have done this with every chapter and while i tried to be fair you have decided to try to ruin the joy I get from writing these stories. So now I challenge you to actually tell everyone why you feel the need to do this, If i don't have a PM with a name by the time i post the next chapter Anonymous comments will be allowed but all anonymous voting will be off.