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2012-12-31 04:53:17 getting "friendly" with a married co-worker I have often thought about the possibility of my wife becoming involved with a co worker.ust flirting at first but eventually to him fucking her. The idea of fucking another mans wife is the driving force behind many relationships. Her wilingness to be fucked by another man adds that much more to her burnng desire.
2012-12-31 05:21:09 Her Inner Slut My fiance told me something simular, after agreeing to let guys fuck her, she also said I am going to make you sorry you brought this up. At first I was scared, then got tremendously horny. There were some times, but like this wife she knew just how to make me accept what I had started.
2012-12-31 05:27:57 Trilogy – 1) The Couple and The Virgin Neighbor Boy Have always been turned on by this idea, youhg virgin boy, fucks my wife, has a big dick and they both can't get enough of each other.Can't stop them after, i talked her into it, told him it was OK. Now she fucks him often, and he wont stay away. she is turned on by her new freedom. Keeps saying look what you started.
2013-01-04 18:35:35 Second time with a guy- and my girlfriend I like to get somethingstarted and then see where it goes, many times beyound what I am willing to do. But the heat of the moment takes over. Have always been curious, if I was with a couple and he stuck his dick in my mouth, think I might get into it big time. Afterthat I would never do it again or be hooked, take a chance just need to meet that couple.
2013-01-04 18:46:17 I Watched My Wife With An Older Man It is a real turn onseing a guy trying to fuck your wife, even with her trting to resist, you may feel you should stop him, but deep inside you want him to suceed. I did this saw how big his cock was. She fucked him for two hours solid. Never told me but he was at the house more times than not when I walked in. He had made her like his cock, and she wasn't going to stop.