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2013-03-22 06:25:16 My Photogenic Mom Chapter 3 Sorry but rape is not good. Fiction non fiction, or phantasy. A potentially good story is ruined with a central character with NO REDEEMING QUALITYS. Shame that. It could of been a good storey
2013-03-25 18:34:33 Ditto to all the others
2013-03-25 10:41:22 Well those two characters well and truly deserve each other. Good story shame about the bitch and the wimp
2013-04-21 08:51:33 Finding my way back home, Parts 3 and 4 of 6 This is a really good story. You need to publish the next installment ASAP. This is a story that is good with or without porn. Well written, thoughtful and thought provoking, with real, believe able characters. WELL DONE
2013-05-10 06:25:13 My amazing life Chapter 6 It's been 1&1/2 months since you're last storey. And that's a shame, they were good storeys, come on where's the next ones. If there aren't any more at least tell everyone