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2013-01-04 23:10:43 My mother, my lover (p.2) This was really good the only problem Had was in pt 1 you reffered to your self as gaby and is this you called youself kim
2013-01-05 20:37:57 Powers Out II I loved every bit of it! You must keep this series going hun. The only advice i have is reread it and extra time there are 2 or 3 spots that a confussing to read but other then that perfect
2013-01-17 01:01:37 Tonight Really. Fucking keyboard warriors bitching about a fucking skank story that was well done.
2013-01-19 02:51:41 The Overlooked Girl Girth of 4.5 inches... What are you rocking a fucking cola can, i call bullshit.
2013-01-19 02:58:22 Only A Gothic Sisters Love Part 1 The Beginning Fuck it. Im less than 30 seconds in to reading and i give this story an a+ already for the breakfest club reference