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2013-01-10 23:38:28 My Girlfriend's Daughter Makes A Move This was an amazing story with good detailed descriptions! Great job, and I'm looking foward to reading more from you
2013-01-13 13:39:32 My Best Friend's Mother Absolutely enjoyed this one! You're a very talented writer and with a sense of humor too. That sentence with the bearded clam kind of killed the feel of the story, but it was a little funny haha.
2013-01-14 01:46:20 Miss Emma Rose Loved the story!(: really descriptive and you should add to it
2013-01-16 23:20:30 Dad's Porno Magazines: Chapter 1? Finding the Magazines Fucking loved it and I like how they're so innocent and don't know what they're doing. Keep it going, please!
2013-04-04 16:52:22 My Mom's hot friend I really liked it, but I can't help but wonder if this is going to have romance in it since his mom's friend seem to have gotten attached to his dick and he did have a crush on her