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2014-08-18 21:49:31 The Girl Scout -28 Therapy at Doc Rosen's Thank You for you literary critique. I can always count on your Poorly Written comment.
2013-02-05 22:55:44 The Girl Scout -8 Getting to Know You Thank You for your comments! I wish there were more. Chapter 9 is mostly ready waiting for some last minute inspirations. I had hoped there would be a recognition of the names and that would help put the ramblings in some context.

At any rate I think it will become more interesting and if you are patient there may even be some twists.

thanks again.
2013-02-16 19:41:13 The Girl Scout -10 WORK IT GOOD U can't rush a good rape gangbang. Da Bitch has it coming to her.
No mercy fo dat trash.
2013-02-18 18:34:22 The Girl Scout -11 Lights Out - Dark Ending Thank you for your comments and reading, sorry for the bleeding eyes.
This is a damsel in distress series and you know how they end.
2013-02-19 14:53:53 The Girl Scout -11 Lights Out - Dark Ending Thanks again for comments, I prefer strong feelings one way or the other. Guess I could just write another how I fucked your mother story.
(substitute sister, brother etc) but...
Anyway as far as the content, racism etc google Channon Christian.
It is what it is. Grammar - also google the same. I suppose those people were using proper grammar, complete sentences etc????