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2010-05-16 16:55:01 I really liked this story because it was easily believable. I personally can't understand why a mom decided to take her son camping in the freezing cold, but I'm guessing they didn't anticipate the bad weather and things got unseasonably cold. With that in mind, I think the mom took charge, resorting to certain survival techniques, like sharing a sleeping bag, with they might or might not have done has she not lost hers. I mean, I've heard of people zipping their bags together to form on large bag to keep warm.

I also like how she calmly explained she understood the natural reactions of one warm body to another. While extreme circumstances certainly existed, they handled it well. A followup story would be nice, given your talent.

As important as the story structure and believability, I very much appreciated the clean writing, with virtually no typographical errors

I'll be reading more of your work.