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2008-06-21 23:00:41 Ms. Krystal wish i had a teacher like that part 2 please
2008-07-11 22:08:08 Just Perfect ( teaser) preview ok please finsh i want to see the ending
2008-07-21 00:44:29 The Tenants Chapters 1 and 2 good story please keep it going ill look forward to the next part of it
2008-07-21 01:08:04 The upcumming of samantha (part 1) for those who commented about the age if you dont like it you should not of read it so dont leave any bad comments or call the wrighter a perv because if you read it you are also a perv but to the wrighter it was a good story
2008-07-21 23:11:25 My stepsister need a second chapter please