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2013-01-27 06:12:33 Me and my brother I agree with Mr Longer. You most certainly do have talent. Remembering cumming of age experiences provides great inspiration for masturbation.
2013-01-27 17:19:26 Bena Adventures 1 - The Slut in the mall Hot fucking story -- cum bucket slut whores are one of my favorite masturbation fantasies -- looking forward to reading the others. Pay no attention to these impotent wimps who are hung up on grammar. Have no idea why they even read sex stories when all they're interested in is punctuation, spelling, etc. Hot sexual content is what makes a good story - and yours my friend, are stocked, cocked and loaded with plenty of that -- Looking forward to busting my nuts over and over again on stories your adventures. When it comes to masturbation adventures - cum slut housewife whores are my passion.
2013-01-29 21:13:55 A Family Story (Incest Story) Wow! I've only been on this site for few days and this is BY FAR THE HOTTESR STORY & the best written that I've cum across yet. Reminds me of my first fuck - also with an aunt --early 40's divorced, very hairy & juicy. Looking forward to your next one.
2013-02-06 01:36:06 My older brothers friend Reminds me of my early adolescent days with my older cousin & his friends
2013-02-12 22:21:48 Under the bleachers with Tony Growing up "queer" can be lonely & a bit scary - especially in the "Bible Belt." But as your stories show - that doesn't have to be the case -- not by a long shot buddy. Positive, self-confident role models, secure in their own superior masculinity can make all the difference in the world.