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2014-07-22 22:00:41 Ticonderoga – Episode 4 Shattered Dreams I am currently writing another episode in this series. I have a lot of irons in the fire so I am moving a bit slow right now.
2014-07-22 21:58:38 Saving Mouse - Chapters 1 - 4 - Preview of book Saving mouse is available through e-book retailers do a search for Sean M. Campbell

Merc is a non erotic story and is also now available through e-book retailers. Do a search for S. M. Campbell
2013-01-26 16:35:43 Returning Chapter 01 Thanx for the Input. I am glad it is being well received.

I will try and get the second chapter out later tonight I am doing final edits now.

The third chapter is written and I need to do final edits and have someone proofread it before I publish it.

Thanx Again.
2013-01-26 21:24:59 Returning Chapter 01 The softcore words have more to do with the mindset than the explicit nature of the sex. In the time frame of swords and sorcery, words like Cunt, Cock, fuck and such were not commonly known or used. I feel that those words would destroy the mood of the story. If I am wrong time will tell and I will change the style a little. I am fully versed in hardcore language and stories of a more time will have it well used. Admitedly Rhys would think in those terms in the beginning but I felt it would confuse the story too much to switch down later. Also Rhys is a bit of a romantic at heart.

As for Likka, alas she is Rhys' oldest companion and has loved him since childhood. More on that later. Their relationship started as one of comfort as she is the last of her breed and he was the only Warmage. Morgana did not come along until he was a full adult and already at war with the Mage Kings and by then they had taken to hiding what she is. Now I am giving to much of the story away I think.
2013-01-27 00:14:50 Returning Chapter 01 Please do not use my comments section to proposition underage girls. If you want to do that please go proposition the ones at your local police station.