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2013-03-08 14:44:06 Coquette and her cuckold (Part 1with paragraphs) Harsh critic. I thought it was great. Yes the cheating aspect and the cockold I am sure comes later. I love the public masturbation.
2013-03-10 23:40:27 A slut's tale...Stephanie (Part 1) thank you slutwolf for the kind words regarding proof-reading. I wrote this piece & self edited in the same day. I knew that if I didn't publish that day, it would be at least another week till I did...and I couldn't keep my fans waiting any longer then I already have! My first piece, I edited over three weeks.

I am sure that a mistake or two or three or four exist....oh well! I do write non-pornographic material for a living. And I admit that I don't write in a traditional style, But eat my pussy mother fucker if you hate the piece because of a typo or two. I bet anonymous reader below jerk himself off to it several times and can't wait for Part 2 and all the other pieces I am going to write.

to all my fans...xoxoxox.