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2013-02-11 23:28:15 Can't wait for chapter 12. Is there an estimated time that it will be posted?
2013-02-12 21:26:33 could you keep me posted by PM as to when each chapter comes out?
2013-06-03 17:21:25 The Bonds - Chapter 1 Hello, i am sorry that i have not posted a second part as planned. This was meant to be a short sort-of intro, and then i became really busy. I am currently working on Chapter 2, and hopefully that will be out soon. To those asking for sex, that will come VERY soon after i have actually started the action of the plot. No, I did not change the names... And if you look at the "middle", you will find that when they sneak into the office, the sheet of paper tells that they are on a scale out of 10, exceeding it by 1 and 2. Yes, it is a magnitude scale; signifies the range they can affect, and the influence they can do (in some cases, damage. In others, quite a different meaning).