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2013-02-22 02:44:51 Forced by my sister and her boyfriend Thanks for the comments people, clearly you like this story more than the others haha. To those 4 people so far who left a negative rateing could you at least say why you dont like it? is it the storyline? my writing? or do you just click negative on all the stories you read?
2013-03-15 19:24:27 The Awakening of Katie Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom by any chance? great story btw
2013-03-20 15:25:19 My Master's Introduction good first story babe x
2013-03-22 08:50:21 My Photogenic Mom Chapter 1 good story but needs paragraphs
2013-03-24 17:19:43 car breakdown chapter 1 you might want to spell and grammar check before posting hun, otherwise good story x