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2013-02-03 21:57:44 Best night ever! pt 2 @ Anonymous; I meant the loudspeaker on the mobile, I'm hoping that it was only the three of them, possibly one or two of her other friends but I don't know for sure. She hasn't answered her phone or returned my texts at all today but she must have been too busy, I messaged Stace on facebook too a few times but she hasn't replied yet either.
2013-02-02 17:05:28 Best night ever! Oh my god! I was afraid that she was going to break up with me now that she knows how pathetic I am but she is going to let me carry on being her boyfriend in public! I had to sleep on the floor after I posted the story earlier as they were asleep but when they woke up they had a morning fuck and Laura rubbed my little cock with her fingers until I cummed. They weren't done, so I went to make them some breakfast and when I got back she explained that she does love me, just not the way she did before. I gave her enough money to go out with him tonight and she said that they will sleep at her parents house tonight but promised to ring me when they are fucking so I can listen and play with myself! I hope her folks and sister don't know what's happening though as I will look like a real twat when I see them again... I can't believe I'm so lucky that she's going to let me carry on being with her and she's said she will even wank me off sometimes too!
2013-02-02 17:37:08 Best night ever! I'm dying to get my little boner out right now if i'm honest with you! It's only 22:07 and they won't be going back hers for another couple of hours yet but I've been rock hard ever since she kissed me and left with him... I daren't play with my pecker though just in case they call earlier than expected and I'm SO EXCITED about being able to play with myself as I listen to them shagging on the phone! I can't believe how much of a sad little perv I turned out to be but I'm turned on and horny than ever in my life... I'm glad I can share these events with you as they happen as it's turning me on even more knowing that people are reading this and you know as well as they do what a sad wanker I am too- I hope none of my friends find this diary though as for the time being there's only Stacey who knows the truth. The big questions at the minute though are: Will her sister figure it out or will she tell her, will Stacey spread it around? I'm dying for a wank, hope they remember!!