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2013-02-06 22:52:23 You made your bed, now sleep in it. The first chapter has me excited. I am going to part two now but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this. My own daughter has a similar name and often gets called Kaitlyn.
2013-04-24 14:58:00 The beginning of my perversion3-pt2 I love it myself. I notice in your list the next one is pt6.6 Is there a pt 4 and 5?
2013-04-24 16:14:01 Tess's first time Very good start. I love that Dad furnished the condoms.
2013-04-24 16:15:07 Tess's first time That's like saying you have my permission to screw my daughter.
2013-04-24 16:51:57 Tess's first Time 2 Yes. More about Tess I'd love to hear what Dad had to say when you got her home that night.