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2014-01-20 20:48:02 Stolen Pleasures A wonderful story. Sure wish I had gotten invited to the party. Keep up your fine writing. (countrycadillac)
2014-08-10 19:32:01 Working the weekend Great story line and fine writing. PLEASE don't stop here. If time is a problem for you ask someone to read over the story before sending it in. Hope to read more of your work. Thank you !!!
2014-02-20 18:21:34 The Pack OMG, what a super writer. I now have read all three of your listed stories. Your endings are only surpassed by the body of the story. Thank you !! (countrycadillac)
2014-09-19 20:05:39 Daddy's Girl LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2014-09-21 21:43:12 50 Shades Of Beech Moutain-- Chapter17 OMG, such professional writing I do hope it lasts at least until one hundred chapters. This all seems so real I do wonder if is actually based on past true experience ?? Might you turn this into book form when you are finished ?? Thank you >> (countrycadillac)