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2013-04-01 13:56:38 Loving Patricia Maybe you think of it as uninspiring because its a true story. Things which happen in reality are different and somewhat boring. Also, i've cut the crap. This is an erotica site after all. I'm just an amateur. Forgive me, but i know others who write far worse than what i do.
2013-04-01 14:03:24 My first lesbian act We dykes are neither stupid nor ignorant. Imagine drinking so much you couldn't take and being horny. Besides, its the same as a blowjob for guys to begin with. Why be homophobic? Its much fun with another woman anyway. Be nice, men.
2013-04-06 12:30:42 First time i came Dear all, i thank you for your positive feedback. First of all, its not easy for me to spare time for it due to my work schedule. I would like to bring it to your attention that i started writing erotica as a hobby, something to remind my lover who used to miss me, when she was in a long distance relationship with me. More importantly, the replies i get here are not as good as i get when i circulate my stories to my friends, who in turn forward my stories to their friends. I get hurt too easily, and some of the men(i suppose) have written very nasty comments. Sadly there is no way to clear that, thanks to the admin. I had been keeping a diary ever since i started experimenting with my sexuality and i'm trying to find a publisher who may help me in some way. I dont expect to be anything big, as my schooling was not that good. This has affected somewhat of my grammar while writing erotica. Still, i may say that i'm deeply moved by everyone's comments & wish them a sexy, nice life ahead.