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2013-03-18 07:32:49 Bait and Switch Retype - Ch 27-28-Final I apologize for saying that, I just lost my temper. The reason I'd made an ebook, is because I had a few requests to. Yes, it is free here, but you obviously don't understand the freedom of having this on an eReader.

What makes it so hard for you to understand, or accept what he asked me to do? I stole nothing, and wrote very little. I took what he already had, and edited it. So if you actually read it (Which you've already stated you wouldn't), then you're telling us that DB's skill dropped, while he was away...
Go ahead and attack me, when I write my own. Just remember that it was you that said I should write my own, and be judged by my own work. Now you threaten to attack my own work, because you're butt-hurt that DB is dead? Sir, I hope that DB forgives you for what you did. I have already written you off.
2013-03-16 18:27:13 Bait and Switch Retype - Ch 27-28-Final Listen, douchebag. I'm not charging for it. It's free to whoever wants it!