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2014-09-14 11:01:02 The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 1: Boxing Day nice story, I added you to my favorites
2013-05-19 01:37:07 Trucker's Journey Thank you to my readers, I am glad that you enjoyed my story.

I did want to take a minute and respond to comments about the spelling and grammar. Yes I do know how to spell. It was written that way because, that is the way that Megan speaks. The quotation marks denote Megan's words.

Children tend to speak the way that their parents do. Megan has Donna for a parent, a woman who is lazy and uncaring about her child. This woman cares only about herself; not only that she has something that is going to kill her. She doesn't care about things.

As a result Megan speaks the way that she does. The "misspellings" are deliberate as a way of conveying her speech patterns and hence something about her background.

I am glad at least one person who commented understood this.
2013-05-25 04:12:32 Oops, I didn't mean to! A nice story for a first effort.
2013-06-24 05:36:31 All because of my suisters panties A nice start. for a first story Watch the run on sentences. Each person's speech in quote is a paragraph itself. But tell the reader what you feel, see, hear, as we as smell and taste. Let them get into your head, so they know what you think about all of this.

A good editor would be a help to you. You need to continue with the story. You have some good ideas, that you can bring out.
2013-06-24 05:48:53 Something for Stevie A good idea for the story, but you have run on sentences. You need to capitalize new sentences. Ad good editor could help you.