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2013-03-17 21:02:46 The Diary, Daddy, And Me Chapter 1 Unknow 2013-03-17 20:03:07 aka British bulldog thank you so much!!! You have no idea how much that means to me! The only reason I started to write is because my friend told me how bad of a writer I was an we made a bet. I obviously won it because I made it to 10 positive reviews but this story has done way better than I ever imagined. You guys are really going to like chapter two. I think it's way better than this one! I hope you enjoy it. I'll post it soon.
2013-03-18 17:41:12 The Diary, Daddy, And Me Chapter 1 Thank you for your opinion. I did consider that but i figured if i did make the details more vague then the reader wouldn't have an enjoyable experience reading it. The details would have been more unclear. I should have just left the diary part out but i was selfish and kept it because i wanted to try it out.
2013-03-19 00:06:30 The Diary, Daddy, And Me Chapter 1 Wow because you make me feel so loved and appreciated I will pay more attention in the next ones I write. Thankyou for being a fan!!
2013-03-19 00:10:22 The Diary, Daddy, and me chapter 2 To the three post below:
JJ Thankyou for being a returning commenter!! I'm glad to entertain you.
To the second anon commenter: glad you liked it check back in a week or so for chapter three.
To the grammar natzi: wow your opinion means a lot to me. I know I make mistakes and I try and take time to polish my story but I do know I make errors. Glad I could impress such a tough customer!!
2013-03-18 20:13:50 The Diary, Daddy, and me chapter 2 I will I promise!! Chapter three will take much longer to get out. I will be very busy for the next week or so. I will start writing it a week from today it will be out sometime after that.