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2013-03-25 18:59:38 Eternal Destiny: Chapter Two Here dude just check out this story i have been working on i just posted it today just click on my name
2013-03-25 19:02:37 Case Study 301: A daughter's Rebel Yell click on my name and check out my story
2013-03-25 21:44:38 Fire Class: Becoming a Mage thanks man appreciate the support
2013-03-25 21:01:14 Fire Class: Becoming a Mage guys i know you think this is copyright blah blah he may have not have stoped the other one but it may not look like it now but this story is going to take a different road i just copied the biggining no the hold series give me a chance and its not like i didn't give the original authos credit for his work i also said that i would give links to the original story how is that copy right infringement. also instead of talking bad give me ideas you wanted in the original story and i will might add it tothe story line
2013-03-25 21:03:09 Fire Class: Becoming a Mage and person that said cant wait for the next one i am just going to try to hurry up just for you beign nice to me so maybe in a week