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2013-04-04 15:01:27 My Whole Family Needed Me 3 I'm guessing you are the same guy who commented on my last two stories and I want to take this time to thank you and goiko for the constructive criticism and input it really is helping me develop my stories
2013-04-07 21:23:05 My Whole Family Needed Me 5 @anon1 I would but I guess it's too late by now cause I ended it lol

@anon2 that was actually what I was going to do with Jereme but I decided against it because there is no lesson outside of sodomy at juvenile hall that Jereme would have learned that could top him having to watch his sister get destroyed in front of him and beg for it like a whore.
2013-04-08 20:57:16 A Rock and a Hard Place @anon I never said he was ripped just solid. There's a difference between ripped and toned. Also 20 lbs heavier would be overweight so maybe you should get your facts straight sir
2013-04-07 22:28:42 My Whole Family Needed Me 5 @anon I see where you're coming from with your opinion. Its noted. But i guess I'll never please everyone lol
2013-04-08 12:13:19 A Rock and a Hard Place @anon that's interesting because I know the protagonist of this story very intimately lol all of the evens did happen so since when is there a structure to real life? Its a series of events with no structure. Don't blame me cause you never got any as a kid :P