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2013-04-09 15:29:40 My Whole Family Needed Me 3 @anon 1) since when do teens or pre-teens say anything to anyone about their feelings? She's in a state of shock and tries to act like it never happened like most girls would.
2) Zack is smart enough to get everything and everyone fully under control before he does something and everyone gets hectic. You don't have to like it but he's planning ahead and it works out better than panicking would have
2013-04-09 15:31:30 A Rock and a Hard Place 2 I think he should just forget about both of them lol but I see where you're coming from.
But consider also that he might just be idealizing with Robyn and avoiding commitment with Abby
2013-04-09 17:39:37 My Whole Family Needed Me 5 @anon thanks I should be putting out a new fiction series opener today. Hope to get feedback from you
2013-04-11 12:33:13 A Rock and a Hard Place hey thanks a lot for your kind words and criticism. Yeah I guess I'll never please them all or get to them with logic, but for the most part people enjoy my work so im not worried about it. Hope you enjoy my future work as much as my previous work
2013-04-11 22:32:18 A Rock and a Hard Place 2 @K thanks for handling that for me i can't believe someone would actually embarrass themselves by saying something like that.
Secondly, that is exactly what I have been thinking the entire time! I wish I could bring him here and show him your comment but I'd rather not let him know I wrote a story about his mishaps let alone a sex story.
And finally I do feel that he loves her, but he also idealizes her too much. But it will be revealed soon enough and I'll be sure to capture it in the next edition