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2013-04-06 22:50:14 My Mom's The Best! Reading my own story, it's almost embarrassing to see the grammar fails that I never revised. I do appreciate the feedback, even the negative ones.
2013-04-06 22:54:14 My Mom's The Best! Oh, and to the people who think I'm a child, If I was, I probably wouldn't know what the hell sex was, let alone write about it.
I rushed the writing of this story and when I published it, I didn't proof-read.
2013-04-13 12:41:54 My Mom's The Best! [Pt. 2] @Anonymous reader
2013-04-13 03:52:08
"All these idiots like is the sex. You need to slow the story down with some more details like what she's waring what you two do on a daily basis,got to have more details if not all the fools on here would write stories. Without details someone like me who proofs for a living ,your story reads like this example ( I walked in on my mom masturbating , she then let me fuck her the end)details details details make a good story even short ones"

Okay, first off, that comment had a lot of grammar issues.
Secondly, I will try to Improve on that, and I do promise my third story will be better. Thanks for the feedback!
2013-08-12 01:17:52 What did you say? [ Part 3 ] Spoiler: This is all a dream. Not Continuing. New series TBA.