Comments from Britney

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2008-04-25 11:59:45 My revenge This is Britney the author of this story. If xnxx allowed you to edit and delete your own stories then I wouldn't have to repost them. I won't do that anymore since a lot of you are sore about that. To all of you who like the story thanks for your comments.
2008-06-12 00:39:40 Siblings With Privileges (re written) Why do I get the feeling that most of the comments below are from the same person.
2008-06-13 00:06:23 This is Britney, the author. I hope the comment below is not true. These stories are just fiction and are meant for entertainment. I don't want to hear about people doing this stuff in real life. Horror movies are fun to watch because you know they are not real. This is the same type of thing. Thanks for everyone's nice comments on these, I have more coming soon.
2008-08-20 22:24:11 My Dream Come True I thought it was a good story. A lot better then some of the other's I have read. It's just fiction. Lighten up people.