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2013-04-17 17:08:30 family home prt2 Are you sure that you know what the English language is? By the looks of things here, although you may be able to speak it (though with what proficiency level is indeterminable), you are completely inept at writing it. I mean, seriously, they're called periods. They can be used in the middle of paragraphs, too, not just at the end. Maybe try again one day once you've actually learned how to write.
2013-04-17 17:15:58 The Teacher Fuck Never mind taking a penis off. This story mentions touching boobs from the outside. Apparently they're removable, too, if they can be touched from not only the outside, but inside, too.

Seriously? This mouldering pile of diarrhea is the best you could come up with to post, even on a site like this? Take an extended vacation before you try again. You might even consider a vacation with a library somewhere nearby for easy access to these really great inventions called books. They can be very useful for increasing one's capacity to write.

Ridiculous, pathetic crap.
2013-04-17 17:18:18 A special breakfast with Mom I finally decided to make an actual profile for this. The comment below? That was me, by the way. VVV
2013-04-17 17:21:33 My stepbrother fucked me Pretty difficult to have a crush on someone you haven't met...just sayin'.

Wow, either join some first graders to read something that makes sense (and is far more complex in imagination than this) and increase your writing ability or just stop. Thanks.
2013-04-17 17:31:30 Fucking sex The "intelligence of an amoeba" (as someone commented below) is beyond all comprehension when compared to the brainless river of rectal slime this is. I'm surprised they even knew where to find the characters to type the words above, much less have the understanding of how to copy and paste it this many times.