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2013-04-19 06:24:27 I Was a Virgin Nymphomaniac :( Sorry...

But sexuality is objectifying by its very nature, I think. I think the way I wrote this treats Kyle like "a piece of meat" because sexuality is meaty, if you ask me.

I understand that it's written pretty unromantically, to put it mildly, and how you might be left to think that I threw myself at a big dick and then threw him away, but that definitely wouldn't be true. It ended up this simple because I was focusing on how exemplary it was of the development of my sexuality. So I got tunnel-visioned, or at least tunnel-keyboarded, on how it fit into and reinforced the beginnings of a couple of my main kinks.

Maybe I'll try to do it better justice another time, but I'm not sure it's such a good story to tell. I'm probably more likely to just go right to fiction than to try to make an otherwise typical teenage relationship glimmer with drama.
2013-04-19 06:58:43 I Was a Virgin Nymphomaniac Oops. Not sure why I was logged out.
2013-04-20 01:48:21 I Was a Virgin Nymphomaniac Believe me, I expected the WTFs about the non-end here. I was just having a lot of trouble continuing with what actually happened without being much more generic with it, so I thought I'd publish it as-is and take the punches. :P
2013-04-28 05:42:01 I Was a Virgin Nymphomaniac It's worth noting that I'm 4'10" and was probably shorter then, and he was on the short side for a boy as well. It probably wasn't as big as you're thinking, but compared to the rest of him and especially compared to me... proportional magic.