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2013-04-26 23:54:09 Animal Love I know the feeling having been there
2013-08-06 23:46:47 My wife had her dad's baby today! Excellent story, it reminds me of my cousin and her father, they have a son and daughter.
2013-08-29 20:45:48 Mom Caught Me Excellent story so far please continue
2013-08-29 20:58:48 My Grandmother Teaches Me About "Life" Ch. 01 Reminds me of my grandmother on my mums side. She wasn't backward when it came to stripping in front of any man or boy(s) not even her grandsons. Keep it going.
2014-01-06 23:40:05 Hiking Trips 4 Excellent story. All four parts are well written. And I have stored each part in my favourites.