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2013-05-12 15:49:03 Young Girl Next Door - Part 1 your story is ok but on the young side she is. it was interesting reminds me of when i was at the girls next door 18th bday party i was 20 what a night we were allways hanging out scence we were about i forgot we grew uptogather this is all i know.
2013-05-15 14:30:39 Old Drivein Memories Part 2 THis has been revised Please see revised edition Thank you
The writer.
2013-05-16 09:02:53 Old Drivein Memories Part 2 Hello This is to all readers,

This isa note from me
the writer of these True story'd.
I am going to be editing this story . I will be makeing all corrections on this page so that you may all beable to read it better. I am sorry this being my first time writeing I am a bit akward about trying to tell what really happened but would like people to know my storyes of what happened over the many years that I worked there.
Thank You for your Kindness and understanding.
sincerely The Auther.
2013-05-16 09:04:17 Old Drivein Memories Part 2 Please see revised edition and Thank you All for any and all help that is was and will be helping me tell my stories for Everyone to Enjoy.
2013-05-21 00:55:53 The Neighbors Daughter Absolutely Amazing, Awesome I love to read more on this.
Thank You for posting One great story.