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2013-09-21 01:29:27 When lust takes over Wonderful story. Your English is excellent. I had to rub my clit through the whole thing, and managed to cum just as I read about Eric's orgasm.
2013-09-21 01:34:19 My First Beast Glad you all liked it. I plan to get Pam her own dog.
2013-09-24 14:28:45 Chapter I -- Amy Thanks for all your comments. As for the digital penetration comment,

First, I know from personal experience that this is not only possible but quite feasible.

Second, although I strive for believability, I was looking more for eroticism than exact anatomic accuracy.

Thanks for the comment.
2013-09-24 16:18:11 My First Beast Thanks for the comments. I have posted the continued story: "After Pump."

For the reader that experiences terrible pain from contact with the cervix, be assured that not all of us are that way. If I'm not very excited, it can be uncomfortable, but when I'm turned on, it's quite wonderful. If you are having that much pain, maybe you should see a doctor.
2013-09-26 16:36:16 Asmodeus - Demon of Lust: Part One OMG. Wonderfully horny. I'm going for part 2 right now.