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2013-05-03 17:47:18 This story is a great series by KaHmnd and I truely like it. While I have seen stories reposted by someothers they listed credit for the origonal auther and then if they turned it into there own version they indicated when that was as well.
2013-05-09 23:23:16 Zema Nov - Chapter 1 A new life I have read alot of stories on many sites and have not come across one like this, that is not to say there is not one. I have had to give up on stories before because while coming up with it and writing it I came across one like it. If there are any simularities to others that was not my intention, as I said I am an avid fan and enjoy reading them.
2013-05-10 00:46:41 Zema Nov - Chapter 1 A new life As I said no I am not copying, However after reveiwing your post and the story there are two simularities one with the name of Dan-Elger / Dan-Eger and Zema Nov / Zemlia Nov, so I pay my respects to the author WolfMuketsu and his writing of the DragonSeekers series.