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2014-08-25 02:27:03 Path to Our Future part 2 Great stories! I was so happy to see you had posted 3 new chapters sense Ihad last looked. Already read the first two and going to tear into the third.
2014-08-25 06:56:38 Path to Our Future part 3 Just finished this chapter and am looking forward to the next. A little light on the Sex on this chapter yes, but you are a great writer that doesn't need to lean on that to write these great stories. This chapter seemed to be more about bring the families together andsetting up this series plot. I got lucky a few months back and stumbled upon one of your chapters and decided I had to go back and read them all. It was great because I had the first few series to read through. Now I am all caught up and counting the days until I can read the newest chapter. Keep up the great work.
2014-09-10 02:15:54 Path to Our Future part 5 Another great chapter. While I am deeply sucked into the story line I am kind of missing the richly detailed sexual encounters of previous.... "books" . I mean like back in your first set of chapter "A New Day, A New Me" and some of the other ones. It might just be me though. But one thing that I have noticed over the years of reading multi part stories is that to keep it going and not just being a rehashing of the older stories a writer must be able to create a good story line and not rely upon the sex. I mean this all in a positive way, I truly have enjoyed all of your work thus far and am always waiting for the next chapter to be released.
2014-09-21 17:19:20 Path to Our Future part 7 Another great chapter. Really looking forward to the next chapter, again. I feel like a broken record sometimes saying that again and again but it's the truth. Hoping youare able to keep the sseries going far beyond this set of chapters. You have created a great cast and it wouldbe a shame to see them disappear. Now if the addition of Gwen there is a possibility of a "spin off" down the road, say if Gwen lived somewhere different than Guy and the girls. They could always crossover into each other's storylines, kind like how similar TV shows do it. Just a thought, keep up the great work.
2014-07-01 04:43:16 Road Trip part 12 I haven't read this one yet but just wanted to say GREAT JOB. I am almost finished with summer vacation. If you need someone to proof read let me know. Keep up the good work