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2013-09-22 03:53:28 What does your dad do I'm an Aussie, so I sympathise. Losing to the blasted Poms (that's England for you Yanks) is no joking matter!
2013-09-27 03:39:12 God Emperor Chapter 1 (resubmission) Pain and pregnancy are NOT turn-ons for me. Forced blowjobs and humiliation of arrogant bitches is what I like best.
2013-10-02 07:59:13 Only Girl in School Ch 1: a Frankel story I'm glad the last commenter liked it, though I can't imagine that very many girls would like this.
2013-10-06 07:14:56 Schoolgirl Most Likely to Succeed Ch 1: a Frankel story Can't XNXX do something about these stupid junk mail comments advertising sex favours without commenting on the story? There's a forum section for personals, which is where these comments belong.
2013-10-10 05:52:02 Schoolgirl Most Likely to Succeed Ch 2: a Frankel story This is actually Frankel's story, not my story. I didn't really like the anal either. I like humiliation, not actual pain.