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2013-10-19 02:41:35 The Selection - Cheerleader Sally Ch 1: a Frankel story There were clear warnings at the top of this story that the sex wasn't going to be enjoyable for the women. If you want sex that the women enjoy, read something else.

Most of Frankel's stuff is like this, and so is my God Emperor story. I'm afraid my sex fantasies involve rough throat fucking (see that thread on the forums), and do not involve women's enjoyment of sex.
2013-11-06 06:13:15 Stewardess Cindy Ch 5: a Frankel Humour story Have re-tried the submission. Hopefully it works this time.
2013-12-11 00:35:04 Stewardess Cindy (& Sindy) Ch 12: a Frankel Humour story As I said in the first para, no 11 was skipped.
2013-12-21 04:00:44 Stewardess Cindy Ch 5: a Frankel Humour story (2nd resubmission after XNXX error) Could this junk mail sender please SHUT UP?!