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2014-08-22 18:33:21 DAUGHTER AND THE DOGS What can I say but I Loved this Story, You know I pumped my cock all the way threw it and even had to take a few breaks, Because it was so long! As much as this Story turned me on what even turns me on more is reading comments from all the young ladies who got soaking wet from this story,And many of them saying that they wanted to play with their own dogs Kept me hard as stone! I Loved reading about how fucking hot these girls got~Keep up the good work and girls keep playing with your wet pussies Because I fucking Love it!
2013-06-26 11:11:49 With an older man I have always liked these kinds of coming of age stories!
You did a good job writing what you remembered!
Thank You for sharing a little part of yourself, I enjoyed this just a bit more than I should have! LOL
Enjoy Dave
2013-06-28 13:20:26 All because of my sisters panties. 4 I also wanted to add that I like how your story had LOVE in it~
Too many people seem to think sex is all there is, And the fact of the matter is that this is not so in real life! Oh sure as a dirty old man I would love to have some awesome sex with a young Lady! But the love in your story makes it so much more pleasant! Enjoy Dave~
2013-06-30 22:47:55 Bra Shopping With Uncle That was an awesome story! and you know when I read these stories I jack off just like most of you all do! But sometimes I can get off just reading about all the hot ladies leaving comments about having wet pussies or that they want to fuck anybody and now! If you young ladies need an uncle bob I am sure you can find one at this site! LOL
2013-07-13 13:44:50 Being an exhibitionist... That was Fucking Awesome!